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Life Purpose & Transition 

Coaching Executives



Leonardo Tricomi

Leonardo Tricomi



+39 366 530 4282 (ITA, Whatsapp) +1 873 989 9999 (Usa, Canada)


Life Purpose, Transition 

and Motivational coaching

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Release Your Breaks


I will be working with you to help clarify and resolve your major blocks and obstacles that are inhibiting the development of your full potential. 

In details, this includes:

  • Emotional support
  • Honoring and integrating your blocks and fears
  • Challenging your limiting beliefs
  • Developing your sensory awareness
  • Resolving your inner conflicts and lack of integration between competing parts
  • Breaking through self-deceptive habits and patterns
  • Facilitating the process of making life changes

Hit Your Targets


Identification of 3 to 15 areas where you want to improve in your life such as: Well-being; Relationships; Personal Development; Fun&Creativity; Physical Environment; Finances; Career.

In detail, this includes:

  • We will be working on defining specific goals, parameters, time frames, and plans of action for each of the areas of interest.
  • We will ensure that each hour spent together is honored by ending each session with a clear definition of your measure of success and establishing accountability measures to ensure positive outcomes of your efforts between each session.
  • We will use specific skills, strategies, and handouts to break down complex issues, reinforce your true values, and ensure their alignment with your goals, getting to the source of your motivation for achieving them.



Personal growth strategy: Defining goals and action plans in key life areas such as personal development, finances, and fun, with tailored support.

Envisioning and Creating the Life you really want!

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Life transition module: Redefining paths to an ideal life or career, creating tangible plans and clear life purpose for fulfilling living

This module is specifically designed for all those experiencing a life transition or turning point. Here, I will help you redefine new paths and directions towards your ideal career and life, ultimately enabling you to live on your own terms while experiencing greater levels of fulfillment.

In detail:

  • We will work in great depth, utilizing structured processes to unveil the components and possibilities that await you!
  • We will establish a tangible plan to facilitate the transition into your new life or career. 
  • I will support you throughout the process and ensure that you have a clear definition of your life purpose. This will ultimately help us define a mission and vision statement, which will serve as your new North Star.




Guidance through life turning points: Structured process to unveil new possibilities, with support in crafting a mission and vision as your North Star.
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