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Life Purpose & Transition 

Coaching Executives



Leonardo Tricomi

Leonardo Tricomi



+39 366 530 4282 (ITA, Whatsapp) +1 873 989 9999 (Usa, Canada)

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Life Purpose, Transition 

and Motivational coaching

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Life Purpose & Career Transition 

Coaching Professionals

For all those ready to dive into new possibilities and exploit their full potential. The magic is already within you…

Let me support you to bring it to life

My mission is to support my clients to define new career possibilities in alignement with their true purpose in life

Do you ever wonder why so many people, regardless of their age or background, find themselves at a point in life where they feel like something is missing or out of alignment?


Research consistently shows that a significant majority of individuals are dissatisfied with their jobs and careers for various reasons. Many would prefer to pursue work that aligns with their passions and natural talents if financial security weren't a primary concern.


As a life transition and purpose coach, I specialize in helping people from diverse backgrounds and age groups overcome obstacles and discover exciting new opportunities that resonate with their values. Together, we develop actionable plans to achieve their aspirations and cultivate a life filled with abundance and fulfillment.

Are you ready to shift gears ?

My promise

I am here to deliver the best possible service and help you succeed in your personal and career endeavors. I am committed to the ICF standards of excellence and will use my skills, abilities, and emotional intelligence to meet you where you are and ensure progress towards where you really want to be.

The latest reviews



Paola, Client testimonial on Leo's impactful guidance for personal and professional self-discovery, revealing exciting future possibilities.
Stephanie: Client praises Leonardo for using professional tools and emotional intelligence to achieve goals and overcome obstacles

“Leo accompanied me in the process of discovering what is most important for my personal and professional life, through powerful exercises I was surprised by the possibilities that my future could hold, it was an exciting experience that opened my eyes. “

I had a great experience working with Leonardo! He used highly professional tools to help me achieve my short- and long-term goals, and his emotional intelligence proved to be invaluable in getting me unstuck and motivated




“Leonardo knows exactly how to guide me. He listens to my needs and respects where we are headed. He also makes sure to always come back to my targets no matter what to keep me happy having achieved what I wanted in the set time. I trust him fully and hope he continues well with his mission of helping others! “​

“I really liked Leonardo’s professional approach. He led me to have a new perspective on various aspects of my life and question myself on the decision I take. He was also very flexible as I had a super busy schedule during our process. Thank you Leo “

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